Iván Argote

Mondes Nouveaux

Anne Houel, Tobrouk, 2022, ©Anthony Girardi,
Meris Angioletti, In Search of the Miraculous, 2022-2023, installation sonore, sculptures en résine et coquillages, Maison Phare du Millier, Beuzec Cap-Sizun. Photo © Meris Angioletti
Stéphanie Coudert, Désert de Retz, 2022, © Hélène Bozzi,
Jean Bonichon, Abri à tempêtes, maquette, 2022, © Robinson Girandier,
Studio d-o-t-s, À contre-courant, 2022, performance et film, Station de Lagunage de Rochefort, Rochefort. Photo © Studio d-o-t-s
Moment monument ©Anne Fontaine et Yohann Quëland de Saint-Pern / Collectif La Box
Ludivine Zambon, La Sèrâ, 2022-2023, court métrage, photo du tournage. Photo : © Ludivine Zambon
Lena Brudieux ©Brudieux,
Katia Kameli, Images extraites du film, Le Cantique des oiseaux, variation, 2022, vidéo HD, 25 min, 1/5 ex. + 1 AE. Photo © Katia Kameli

Since 2022, as a part of recovery plan France Relance and under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture, the “Mondes Nouveaux” calls for interests inquired 430 artists from every artistic field to reconsider our common perceptions, and the way we’re inhabiting the world.


In cooperation with the Conservatoire du Littoral – Coastal Conservatory, and the Centre des Monuments Nationaux – National Center for Historic Monuments these projects are now displayed on the whole territory, in metropolitan and overseas France.


Eva Albarran agency has accompanied thirty projects, mostly intended for public and natural spaces, from their conception to their realization.