Chourouk Hriech

Les oiseaux sont mes muses

Chourouk Hriech, Les oiseaux sont mes muses, Muse, Metz

For Muse, Chourouk Hriech has chosen to design a journey through 7 totems of different sizes in painted metal and adhesive, which feature designs from the environment in which they are installed and are illuminated in the evening with a colorful halo. The artist first drew inspiration from the name of the Muse shopping center itself and then from the architectures of sites in Metz. Thus, you can recognize the water tower of the train station or the Centre Pompidou-Metz reinterpreted by Chourouk Hriech.
Indeed, nature freely resurfaces in the interstices of these urban landscapes, and birds, a recurring motif in the artist’s work, are inscribed on each totem as the guiding thread of this visual journey.
Stemming from Chourouk Hriech’s impressions and memories of frequently traversing the city, these drawings transcend time and space and, through them, tell the story of Metz. They are an invitation to unleash the imagination, to travel into the artist’s world, and to discover Metz from a poetic perspective. Intrigued, we are invited to lift our gaze towards the sky along each totem while wandering through this vertically-oriented forest.

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