Malachi Farrel

KM1 : Société du Grand Paris

Gyrotope, Pablo Valbuena, 4 juin 2016, KM1 © Société du Grand Paris – Christophe Morin
Making of, Malachi Farrell, KM1, 2016 © Malachi Farrell
Appel d'Air, Thierry Boutonnier, KM1 © Thierry Boutonnier
Alice, Superflex, KM1, 2016 © Superflex


To mark the launch of the works of the Grand Paris Express and the artistic and cultural programming that accompanies this extraordinary project, the Société du Grand Paris has made an appointment with all those who wished on Saturday, June 4th, 2016, at the foot of the station of Clamart, for an inaugural day on the construction site of the future station Fort of Issy-Vanves-Clamart.

Parade, performances, dance and circus performances, concerts, urban walks, culinary market, worksite meals, visual creations, a popular ball and a DJ set punctuated this festive and open day.

Artists :

Malachi Farrell, Making of

Pablo Valbuena, Gyrotope

Superflex, Alice

Thierry Boutonnier, Appel d’Air