Lionel Estève

Cascade et pirouettes polychromatiques

For Lionel Estève, it is the eye of the beholder to whom one must address when creating a work of art. He sculpts a monumental conglomerate that fits beautifully into the space of the Muse center, playing with the visitor’s perception. 50 polychrome volumes of varying dimensions come to life, subtly rotating to create an almost hypnotic effect.
But the striking effect is not solely due to the kinetic dimension of the work, as it is a play of color and transparency unfolding before our eyes. Neither exactly the same nor quite another, the work offers us a multitude of colored effects each time.
The movement allows the colors to be recomposed; when blue meets yellow, one is surprised by a green that did not exist before and disappears as quickly as it appeared. Then it’s a purple, an orange, a pink, an ochre, a magnificent palette unfolding before us. The interaction reaches its peak when one moves around the volume, trying to create one’s own color range. For Lionel Estève, his work must appeal to the pleasure of shapes and colors, provide a breath, and refresh the mind of the spectator.